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We can help you with cost reduction, selling unwanted supplies and give advice on medical supplies

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We can purchase any slow-moving/excess supplies and help you reduce waste

Save on costs by letting us purchase your supplies in our network

Do you have unwanted supplies that your facility can no longer use? We can buy your supplies.

Cost saving and surplus reduction

ZimplerTrading has access to a lot of facilities from e.g. hospitals and clinics. Our focus is on cutting back on costs for healthcare institutions. Our vision is that we can save costs by putting items on the market again.


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ZimplerTrading is helping hospitals, private clinics and veterinary clinics that have an outpatient or clinical operating room. Especially in these departments you have to deal with specific articles, prostheses and equipment.

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Cost savings and surplus reduction

ZimplerTrading is your partner when it comes down to buying and selling unwanted supplies in your facilities. We specialize in hospitals, veterinary clinics and private clinics.

We have extensive knowledge of suppliers that operate the market and we know what we are talking about if it comes down to specific knowledge of medical supplies , products and materials.

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Reduce and save in healthcare

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