How we work

No cure, no pay.

We will help you by buying your unwanted supplies in your facilities and help you to get the products and materials you really need.

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    Let's connect!

    Navigate to our contact form and fill in your contact details. This way we can connect and start doing business. You can also email to [email protected] or call +31 (36) 2022036

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    We meet and greet!

    Meet, greet and talk We will try to meet online or onsite. We will create an inventory with the supplies that have become unwanted and we will collect all information you give us to find supplies you'll need.

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    Define product information

    Search, collect and define Together we will collection photos, information and details of the inventory and we will negotiate a price for it.

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    Searching our network

    Search and find We will start to work and search our network for potential buyers and sellers for the supplies you want to sell or buy.

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    Make the deal!

    Make a deal Once we have found a buyer or seller we will make a great deal, make sure that the supplies are shipped and we take care of you getting the money we agreed on.

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